Wednesday, April 15, 2009

something to keep me smiling

well, despite planning on keeping regular updates, time is flying and i seem to never have the time to sit and spend time here!! all is going well with our little bundle of joy... have had another 2 scans now, last week was the anomoly scan which went perfect. baby is growing at a great rate, the little heart and brain and all the limbs are just as they should be!!! we were delighted to have got the scan done, altho many scans before said all was well this was the biggie!!! we found out the sex too.... keeping it to ourselves tho just in case, altho we did go out and buy a wee outfit at the weekend just to celebrate!!!

im glad to have found out the sex, i wasnt too keen to find out, would have liked the surprise but derek was dying to find out!! now i know im glad i did, somehow it makes the baby more of thier own little person and i feel closer to bump now!! weird but seems true!! we can also fret about names now too... i luv lots but when i over think them i put myself off!! anyway main news is that baby is good and healthy and really starting to kick now, again this is completely different to the movement i had with morgan which makes me sad as i realise now there was so many signs little morgan wasnt well but i just didnt know.... morgan did move but the little flutters you get at about18-20 weeks was all she managed.. still im glad we knew no different as i still enjoyed and cherish every one of those tiny movements, each one a miracle in itself...

i was in session with a little boy last week, he knew about morgan and we tried to explain best we could but this is the conversation we had when he seem me after 6 weeks and noticed my bump had returned;

"are you baking another little baby in your tummy" (as he placed his hand on my tummy)

i replied i was and he cupped his hand around my belly and whispered

"hello little baby, i cant wait to meet you, make sure you stick around this time"

i smiled at him and he asked would he be able to meet this babby as "morgan went to heaven" before he met her, i replied i hoped so. he then took my hand and said

"you know what, i bet morgan left that little baby in there, to keep you company and give you someone to love"

sometimes kids are the sweetest, the innocence and simple way they look at life is something i wish we didnt loose as we get older!!!

finally id like to say hi to other ladies following my blog, i know a few of us are on this scary journey to holding out rainbow babies and im glad we have each other to share with. xxx


Anonymous said...

Laura- so glad that you checked in and that all is going well with the little one. I am so glad we are in this together :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,
We are so happy that all is going well with you and baby, the weeks are flying past and it wont be long now until you have Morgan's baby brother or sister to love and cherish just as you and Derek did with Morgan.
Lots of love from Janice and John

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,
Really glad everything is going well with Baby G #2 you both deserve some happiness. I cant wait until he/she arrives and I bet you cant either. Baby will be here before you know it.

Take Care

Arlene,Cameron and Caitlin