Sunday, March 1, 2009

little flutters

well, i suppose im overdue an update!! i am now just past 16 weeks pregnant and so far all is going well. we had another scan and hospital appointment 2 weeks ago and the heartbeat wes good, the ultrasound showed baby measured perfectly, they measured the little legs and arms, even the tummy and checked the brain for any cysts and altho they cant give you promises they assured us they are very happy with the little ones progress..

after the scan my official due date is 14th august 2009, exactly one year after little morgan became my angel.. i hope that this will make that time of the year a little easier but also i wonder will it also bring a sadness to my new babies birthday every year as i will always be thinking of both! anyway i like to think its a sign that morgan had a hand in giving this little baby to us.

this pregnancy has been so different to morgans, i have had lots more symptoms and already my bump is almost as large as i was the week i had morgan, looking back i had very little bump and hardly any symptoms with morgan. so regardless of piling on the weight, constant pins and needles, toothache, aches and pains and all sorts of discomfort i will struggle thru and enjoy and hopefully it will be worth it when i get my little rainbow baby!!!

i have eventually bought a pregnancy journal, with morgan i had one right away and was passionate about filling it in and keeping everything but this time i was terrified of starting something i might not get to finish. its soooo hard, im scared to do anything presumptious with this baby, look at prams, think about names, decorate the nursery or keep a journal but at the same time i think poor little baby g is a new baby and i have to focus on that and try to remain positive.. morgans short time at home was made all the more special because we had bought all her stuff and recieved so many gifts,so altho it was hard after her death to look at and put those things away i never regret being so hopeful and presumptious during that pregnancy...

we have an appointment with the consultant who delivered morgan next week and hopefully ill get an idea of our plan from now on and then on 6th april i have the detailed scan where we will find out the sex of the baby and hopefully get the final piece of mind.. welll as much piece of mind as possible!!

thanks to you all who read and follow morgans site and im glad that not only friends and family, but others who have little angels looking down can share this journey with us...

Laura and the ever increasing bump xxxx

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Anonymous said...

Hello Laura. I am so glad that your pregnancy is going smoothly and that everything looks okay for baby g. When you said that this second pregnancy was so different than your first, I know exactly how you feel. As you know, we too lost our first angel to Triploidy, and I had little to no pregnancy symptoms what so ever. With this pregnancy I do, and like you, I will not complain a bit!!! I am keep you and your baby g in my prayers.