Thursday, February 5, 2009

A little bit of hope

So we have now had our first set of test results and all is well. we had a scan at 10 weeks and baby was strong, heart was beating and baby measured correct for dates. on tuesday we had the nuchal translucency scan and first trimester blood test, basically this set of tests looks for indications of chromosome abnormalities and they cannot give a diagnosis but an indication of the possiblility of any problems. baby measured perfect size, actually a little but bigger than expected but nothing to worry about and the nuchal scan was normal as were my blood results. these pics are of baby number 2 aT 12 weeks and 6 days!!!!

we were given the figure of a 1 in 31,003 chance of baby having a trisomy so we have decided as agreed with the doctor that no further diagnostic tests will be done (CVS or amnio) although we will continue to have further scans and keep an eye on babys growth as this was missed with for now all is good, i can begin to share the news, although sometimes it seems too scary to begin celebrating, i dont think ill relax until i actually have this baby home and really get to keep her/him this time. its a tough time, so many emotions, sometimes i feel excited and find myself looking forward and making plans for this baby and then i feel guilty and sad that i should be planning morgans christening and child minders!! this baby will never replace my morgan and im blessed to have my pictures and stories of morgan to share with her brother or sister.

i hope anyone reading this who has a little angel baby can get comfort and understanding of my journey towards my rainbow baby, it will be a journey of bumps and obstacles, but the thought of having our little bundle of joy to share with everyone keeps us going everyday.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for checking in on my site and offering your support. When I clicked to your blog, I recognized Morgan immediately. I remember you shared her pics with us on the Baby Center triploidy loss site. It is so nice to have someone to relate to. That is great that early screens have come in good. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

loni lamons hodge said...

Hi -

I too remember reading about Morgan from baby center....I just recently (1 week and 1 day ago) lost my little girl, Maddox to husband and i are doing okay, but some days it just hits me and i can't stop crying...

i'm glad to see that you are expecting again, as the thought of that SCARES me to death! i plan on keeping up with you and i will be praying for a healthy pregnancy and for a big healthy baby!!