Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A baby brother or sister for Morgan

So now we're beginging a whole new journey and i hope Morgan wont mind me using her page to share our good news!!! We had our first scan today and all seems well, baby is 10 weeks and 4 days so due to arrive 15th August 2009! We have another scan and some tests in 2 weeks time to check babys progress then, so keep your fingers and toes crossed for us.

I thought long and hard about posting about the new baby on this site as it was designed to be in memory of morgan and somewhere for us to all remember her. However the aim was also to offer support and information to other families so hopefully any families reading this will get some strength and hope from our new and exciting (altho very scary) journey.

Keep us in your thoughts xxx


Anonymous said...

Hi Derek and Laura,
Great news about the new baby, really pleased and excited for you both, nobody deserves it more than you two. A new baby brother or sister for Morgan. I'm sure that your good news will give some hope to others who are going through what you both went and still are going through.
Good luck

Lots of love Arlene,Cameron and Caitlin XXXXXX

Divya said...

Hi Derek and Laura,
CONGRATULATIONS. I am sure Morgan would be happy about this new addition. Have a safe pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Derek and Laura,
Fantastic news about Morgans baby brother or sister, you both deserve some happiness and we are truly happy for you as you begin this new journey.
Take care,
Lots of Love
Janice and John

Beans and Kielbasa said...

I have spent the past hour looking at pictures of your precious little Morgan over and over. My eyes are now almost swollen shut from all the tears that have fallen. What a beautiful little angel. My little Savannah grew her wings in 2006. Unfortunately, she was never able to take a breath. We learned it was triploidy after the delivery though the doc had suspected something for a few weeks leading up to it. I have no pictures of my little one, something that I can honestly say is my biggest regret. Thank you so much for sharing yours.

The news of a new baby is beyond words. And yes, this is the perfect place to post about it. God blessed us with a healthy little girl just 2 years after our little Savannah was called to heaven. My heart could not rest the entire pregnancy, not until I held her in my arms and could see for myself that everything was fine. Though a piece of my heart will forever be missing and can never be replaced, I can say that holding our little Zoe for the first time did wonders at beginning to heal a broken heart.

God bless you and your precious new baby.

Auntie Jean said...

Hi Derek and Laure Auntie Jean here Uncle Phill and I are just delighted about the new baby. and if they are half as cute as Morgan we will be on a winner, she was not only cute but cheeky with it 9must be the parents) so we are looking forward to getting a wee cuddle(well I'll Cuddle Phill will look on maybe take them fishing when they are older!!!) another photo for the family album.
Love you Both
Auntie Jean and Uncle Phill XXXXXX