Wednesday, May 20, 2009

28 weeks almost!!!

hiya!! ok so were now nearly 28 weeks, cant believe how quick the time is going.... we got our 3d scan pics as you can see, everyone thinks baby is daddys double... hopefully she'll grow out of it!!! all went well had another hospital appointment with another scan too and everything is as it should be!! baby was 1lb and 13oz at 26 weeks so be getting bigger and stronger all the time... especially if the kicks are anything to go by!!!!

anyway trying to keep positive and focus on baby g's arrival, we also have morgans birthday coming up so im having a think about how to celebrate that day.. wont do anything too big but be nice to mark it somehow.. my brother bought me a lovely little cheeky angel ornament a few christmases ago i think the make is Nao? so maybe ill start collecting one each year for morgans birthday..
well speak to you all again soon
laura xxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Yay! I am so glad that all is going well and that you little girl is thriving! I have been thinking of you and am so glad to get an update.

Lots of hugs your way

Anonymous said...

Hey. I was thinking of you today! I hope all is going well with you and Baby G!

Anonymous said...

Hi laura and Derek i remembered it was wee morgans birthday started a text but not sure what to say wnated to phone and again you know me!!!!!!!!!!tears spo thought i would just remember her by writing here. looking forward to visiting new baby and you both but always got special place in my heart for wee darling Morgan, think wee angel collection would be lovely as that is just what she was! love you both take care Auntie Jean xxxxxxxxxx