Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our Story

After my daughter Morgan passed away i discovered there are very few places for people to find out what triploidy is and how it effects both the baby and the family! I have now decided to start this blog and hopefully it will answer some questions for people who are going through something similar.

On the 24th July 2008 i went for my usual 34 week check up, i had had a blissful pregnancy with no worries or complications. She was our first child!There had been a little confusion after my first scan but we just assumed my dates had got mixed up!! Now looking back, morgan had not been growing from the start of my pregnancy. However at my appointment the docs suddenly discovered the baby was not growing correctly, she was about the size of a 28 week old baby, and she had no fluid around her, i was rushed in for emergency c section and my daughter morgan was born just before 9am on 25th July. She weighed just over 2 pounds but looked and seemed perfect. although the docs told us they were doing chromosome tests and something may be wrong we were so hopeful, i had no reason to be anything else. .morgan was doing well, she took the breast milk well and they doubled the feeds until she was on 12mls every 2 hours which was great. she did not need a ventilator or oxygen, she was strong and perfect but just soooo tiny.

she continued to do well but two weeks later we were told she had tripoloidy with no chance of survival, it was a huge shock and we were devastated, it was worse than we had ever imagined. Triploidy is a very rare chromosome disorder and very few babies are born alive, let alone survive more than a few hours. Since this has happened i have spoke to many people who lost their baby to triploidy but most of the babies were miscarried or died before birth, only a tiny amount actually lived for a few hours.

We decided to take her home, there was nothing the hospital could do and we decided we wanted to spend our limited time together in our own home. we had 4 precious days with her at home, she was just like any other baby except tiny, we had sleepless nights with her and we showed her off to our visitors. her grandparents came to stay and they spoiled her she made us laugh and cry all at the same time!!

we took her to hospital to have her feeding tube changed on the 14th August and she suddenly but peacefully passed away in my arms. again i was shocked and devastated we thought we would have longer, did i make the most of our time together, why did she not get to meet more of the family.... but in the end she did not suffer and that was my wish

we are beginning to put our life back together but i wanted to share my story,. its tragic and devastating but i had my daughter home and got photos and shared her with my husband and reading other stories i realise maybe i was luckier than i think... i had that chance and maybe I can now offer hope to others awaiting their triploidy babies arrival.



Anonymous said...

Hi I am baby Morgans auntie Jean I was one of the lucky ones who got to hold this precious bundle when she was at home. it a memory that will, be with me forever. I cant explain the feeling of love that i get when i see her wee face. Derek and Laura you are an inspiration thanks for sharing your precious wee daughter with mum and me. I dont understand what happened but i do know My life has been enriched by being touched by your wee angel,
love you both
auntie jean

Jack's Mommy said...

Laura - She is absolutely adorable! Your memories are priceless - thank you so much for sharing them with us!


Anonymous said...

Dear Laura and Derek

I'm very moved reading your story about Morgan. Your words show you are handling your devastating loss with grace and dignity - a difficult thing to do in such tragic circumstances.

I'm so sorry I didn't get in touch soon after Morgan was born - little did I know ... little did you know...

This website is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful child. Well done for offering support and advice to others while still trying to come to terms with your own devastating loss. You are both truly remarkable.

With much love - Carole, Sandy and Alex. xxx

Cassidy said...

Hi Laura and Derek,
I think this is a wonderful thing to do. I had never heard of Triploidy before and I'm sure this site will be a source of comfort to some and will help others understand.
It is a lovely tribute to your daughter Morgan.
Lots of love your other Auntie Jean, Uncle Stevie, Lauren & Megan XXXX

Anonymous said...

Dear Laura and Derek,

This is such a beautiful way to remember Morgan. Your photos are so lovely and I am sure such a comfort to you.

It is so inspirational that you have built this website to help other people who may be going through something similar.

I wish i could have been there for you and see baby Morgan.

Love you both loads,

Leanne, John and family

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura, I know we haven't seen each other in a long time, but I felt compelled to read your story. You are so brave, and thank you for sharing your story. I wish you and your family hope and happiness for your future together. I know you will treasure your memories forever. She's beautiful.

Lindsay Webb x

Anonymous said...

Laura and Derek, what a lovely way to remember such a special little girl, Morgan would have been so proud. I hope that other parents who find themselves with children with the same condition as little Morgan find comfort and support from your story and can through time become as strong as you both have. Morgan will always be in our thoughts, she will never be forgotten and I will treasure forever the short time that I got to know her.
Lots of love
Arlene, Cameron and Caitlin

Sharon hislop said...

Laura & Derek- well done on your website I'm sure lots of people will get comfort from it. Nobody will ever forget wee Morgan. You're both such a lovely couple and I'm sure Morgan couldn't have had better parents. You both have shown tremendous strength and gumption throughout this hard time. We hope your happy memories will comfort you and we will always be here for you both.

Lots of love
Sharon, Mike and girls

Anonymous said...

Laura + Dereck
Im terribly sorry for your loss, but eually happy that you had the time you did with your daughter. Just wanted you to know you were in our thoughts and prayer's and you and Dereck are an inspiration to others.
Thinking of you Laura and hope your doing ok.
God Bless
Cathy, Karen (Dunsche)x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura

I'm a friend of your mum's. It was so moving reading your blog........such a lovely tribute to your wee angel, Morgan.

Take care of each other. I know your mum thinks the world of you.

Donna Morton xx

SadMommy3434 said...
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Anonymous said...

Laura, I have not spoke to you for years but when I read what happened to your daughter I sat and broke my heart for you and your husband. I can't even begin to imagine what you have gone through, but think you are so brave for sharing this with people and tring to help and support people in the same situation .

God Bless
Alison Fletcher

Anonymous said...

To Laura and Derek it is such a heart moving page i read it over and over again and iam so moved by it you are so strong and the time you had with Morgan is priceless

love to you both and the whole family

Your friend forever Lauren xxx

Anonymous said...

Laura and Derek,
You two have gone through more pain and suffering than most of us experience in one lifetime but your strength and love shine through in these pages. Morgan is, and will forever be, in all our hearts.
We love you loads.
John, Jo & Jack xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Laura and Derek

We were delighted with the new addition to our family which was baby Morgan our grandaughter. Although she was only with us for a short time, we were grateful to have held such a special little miracle. Morgan will always be in our thoughts and have a special place in our hearts.
You have both been very strong and dignified through this sad time and a credit to all the family.

All our love always

Mum and John

Anonymous said...

Auntie Laura and Uncle Derek.
Hi im Caitlin Morgan's Cousin. When my Gran told me I had a little cousin I was over the moon. I heard I was going over to see her but then we found out about her condition we were all devestated. I never got to meet her but I know how beautiful she was. I have pictures of her up in my room and I look at them everyday.
Hope to see you both soon
Love always
Caitlin xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Heyy x Laura
Lauren Cassidy here
This website for Morgan is soooooo sweet, the tree that was planted for her is beautful

Lauren <3

Mum and Dad said...

Laura and Derek you gave us our first grandchild and although her little life was short we will never forget the precious time we had with Morgan. We were lucky that we even got to hold her talk to her and see her character develop.She will always be in our hearts and we think about her every day.

Love you both so much.
Mum and Dad xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura and Derek,

What a beautiful site you have put together and Morgan is adorable. As you know I lost my little girl at 20 weeks pregnant to Triploidy. Through Morgan I can see the happiness we would have shared had she been born in later pregnancy, even just for a short time. I feel honoured to have spent 20 weeks with my precious little girl, Bee, our babies are so special in everyway. How lucky you are to have met Morgan and spend 20 days with her, it's a miracle. May our angels play together happily in the heavens above.

God bless all our little angels

Lisa Matthews x