Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Baby's Footprints

How very softly you tiptoed into our world,
almost silently,
for a short while you stayed,
but what an inprint your footsteps have left on our hearts


Roberta and Billy said...

Hi Laura and Derek
Sorry it took so long to write to both I think your web site is so lovely I appreciate that you shared it with everybody that loves you both and understand the time you went through but she was a gorgeous girl and be proud of the times you had with her

lots of love Roberta and Billy

Anonymous said...

A Cherub Angel
Walks astride of me
Look quite close
And then you'll see

A Cherub Angel
Reflects in my eyes
As too my voice
And my heartfelt sighs

A small little Angel
One drying my tears
Regardless what comes
Regardless the fears

A Cherub Angel one
That's there for me
Matching my steps
Look close and you'll see

A Cherub Angel
Deep within my heart
Up there in Heaven
Her footprints never part

from: your wee granny Jan xxxx