Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Bonsai Tree

I wanted to share with you my bonsai tree, i got it as a present from a little boy on my first day back at work. I had been dreading going back and seeing the kids again but this made it alot easier.. im lucky to have those little kids in my life. My beautiful bonsai now has pride of place in our living room.


jan hislop said...

this is absolutely lovely pet, so very proud of you.
love you loads
mum and dad xxxx

aunntie jean said...

well laura wasnt that just the right wee tree for morgan small and beautiful. and so right that a child gave you it, when you give so much to them. just perfect auntie jean

Anonymous said...

The little tree is gorgeous Laura just like Morgan, what a beautiful gift.

Take care,
Lots of love
Janice and John

Anonymous said...

What a lovely thought from a kind little boy. Its absolutely gorgeous and it shows how caring those children are. Morgan is next to the tree and she will be watching over it.

Take care,
Love Arlene,Cameron and Caitlin

Anonymous said...

In the autumn of my life, as I strolled through sun-kissed glades
And came upon a tiny bird which lay still and held my gaze
For this was not an adult bird but a tiny fragile thing
Not old enough to feed itself or flap it’s tiny wings
But as I peered upon this waif she stared right back at me
And I saw life deep in those eyes where no real life should be
I picked her up and held her close in hope that she would live
We shared tenderness and precious time but life’s not mine to give
I looked above and saw the nest from where this angel came
With trembling hands I lifted her and placed her in that frame
While I could only watch in awe her parents gave her love
They knew a certain architect was making plans above
But the miracle of life and love is not reduced by time
To waste a second crying was to them a shameless crime
I left them there with heavy heart but glad that they were one
And when I passed that way again the little waif was gone
But a warmth still fills that little nest that winter cannot chill
For love has never left that place – I believe it never will
Perhaps there is some grand design but I’ll never understand
Why God saw fit to take back the gift that I held in one hand
A tiny, trembling frightened bird whose heart beat double time
Or why he stopped that tiny heart and took a piece of mine

Anonymous said...

The little tree is gorgeous laura,just like ur little girl

love you loads
michelle xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Angel babies,
In Heaven above,
In God‘s care,
Wrapped in our love.

Angel babies,
You’ll never know,
Just how much,
We miss you so.

Angel babies,
Spirits set free,
To roam the skies,
For eternity.

Angel babies,
Though we’re apart,
You’ll always remain,
Deep within our hearts